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RTW Xxact is a financial management firm that specializes in accounting, finance, tax, and infrastructure projects for professional corporations and individuals. We help our clients meet short and long-term organization and management objectives.

Our Mission

The mission of RTW Xxact is to develop a business mindset that provides deep technical knowledge to create value, bridge gaps, innovate and mitigate risk for its clients. RTW is committed to adding value and finance transformation to our client’s satisfaction and delight. 


RTW Xxact provides proven and committed partnership that understands the complex needs and knowledge base of the financial industry

technology-efficient Solutions

At RTW Xxact, we do our best to leverage our expertise in business processes and integration


“Xxact” comes as product of the best practices, productivity and organizational precision of RTW’s consultants


Our management looks to work with you closely to build relationships and help you all of the fianacials for the management & sustainability of your business

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Withdrawing Employee Retention Credit Claims – Did You Know?

Congress created the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) in 2020 to help businesses that were either closed by government order or lost substantial revenue during the Covid pandemic. Unfortunately, the program became a target for tax scammers, who aggressively push business owners who do not qualify for the ERC into filing bogus credit claims. s

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