Deductions and Credits for Homeowners and New Home Buyers – Did You Know? (2/2)

Home ownership can provide a number of tax benefits. To make the most of these tax-saving opportunities, homeowners should familiarize themselves with the IRS rules on which expenses can and cannot be deducted.

In addition to home mortgage interest and mortgage insurance premiums, homeowners may generally deduct state and local property taxes. However, property tax deductions are subject to the general $10,000 deduction limit for state and local taxes. Also, in order to deduct property taxes, you must itemize deductions on your return, rather than taking the standard deduction.

Non-deductible home ownership expenses include utilities, repairs, insurance (other than mortgage insurance), most closing costs, depreciation, homeowners’ association fees, and payments on the principal of a mortgage loan. A tax professional can help you determine which of your expenses you may deduct, and how to figure the deduction amounts.