Financial Statements

  • RTW collects your financial data from management and formats it according to GAAP principles and standards or Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting (OCBOA) – i.e. nonprofit, private corps. Et. al). In the process of reviewing and compiling your data, RTW performs inquiry and analysis to help you determine cost-effective policies that meet your operating needs. Our skills and techniques help you maintain the alignment and accuracy of your financial data.
  • RTW performs Financial Statement Compilations in all states. Reviews and Audits of Financial Statements are currently offered in Ohio and Georgia.*For non-profits only*
  • While RTW does not propose finance strategies, we help you leverage your financials to make better and more accurate business decisions, RTW also offers personal financial statement preparation for non-corporate clients.
*If your non-profit has Attestation needs for other than OHIO and GEORGIA, RTW can coordinate the completion of these services.*