Possible Reasons for 2021 IRS Tax Refund Delays

Most taxpayers who file their returns electronically and request direct deposit generally receive their IRS refunds within 21 days. However, a variety of factors can result in longer return processing times. The IRS recently reminded taxpayers of the most common causes of tax refund delays, including:

– The return was mailed on paper instead of filed electronically. Filing a paper return typically doubles the expected wait time for a refund.

– The IRS needs more information to process the return. In this case, you will generally receive an IRS letter requesting the information.

– The return did not include banking information for direct deposit, so the IRS must mail a paper check.

– The return includes a request for an Injured Spouse refund allocation.

The IRS cannot provide information about refund status until at least 21 days after a return was electronically filed, or six weeks after a paper return was mailed.

IRS Where’s My Refund Tool: https://www.irs.gov/refunds.