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Schedule Your Free Quarterly Meeting

Please assist us in keeping your goals on track!  Knowing our clients helps us continue to deliver the financial services and support they will need to make sound financial decisions.  Maintaining open and ongoing communication is crucial. That is why RTW provides free one-on-one quarterly meetings to our clients. These meetings are aimed at helping you maximize  your services.   

Quarterly Meetings Are Designed To:

  • provide a 1 hour meeting at the end of each calendar Quarter (no additional fees).
  • ensure that both parties,  you and RTW are meeting the expectations of the working agreement.
  • assist you in organizing and keeping your books up to date.
  • review your current financial status … P&L, are you on track to meet your yearend projections?
  • allows you the opportunity to make changes during the year

This is a huge benefit and we can’t emphasize strongly enough the importance of reviewing your financials throughout the year to avoid unexpected surprises at the end of the year. 

To schedule your Quarterly Meeting, please call (855) 205-8486 or email at us  info@rtwxxact.com

  • 1st Quarter  – March 31 – please schedule sometime in May (due to tax season)
  • 2nd Quarter – June 30 –  schedule after July 15th,
  • 3rd  Quarter  – September 30 – schedule after October 15th
  • 4th Quarter –  December 31 –  between January 5 and January 20th.

In between these meetings, we are also available to answer your questions and concerns

  • You can call us at (855) 205-8486 or email us at info@rtwxxact.com
  • To upload documents, please use our secure Client Drop Box or go directly to our website www.rtwxxact.com
  • You may also fax documents to us at  855-541-0895
  • To accommodate clients, appointments can be made for drop off at both the Cleveland and Atlanta Offices

As a part of our ongoing communication, you should be receiving email blasts containing updates on financial topics and trends that may impact you personally or your business.  If you miss the emails, visit our blog at https://rtwxxact.com/blog/ where you will find most of our email blasts posted.

Robbie Terry-Washington,

CPA MBACertified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor
RTW Xxact Enterprises, LLC – MBE Certified