Second Round of Stimulus? Senate Talks to Resume Today!


If you’ve been scanning headlines for any news on whether or not a second stimulus check will happen and who could be eligible to receive it, Monday is the day. Today, July 20, the Senate is back in session after a two-week recess, vowing to take up the topic of another financial rescue package.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised the Senate will work on a second rescue package this week. “In the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll be laying out in the Senate another package,” he said last Tuesday, adding, “We are looking at another direct payment.”

“We can’t go home without [new legislation],” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Bloomberg Television on Thursday. Noting it’s been two months since the Democrat-led House passed its Heroes Act without Senate action, “More people have died. More people have gone on unemployment. And more people have been infected,” Pelosi said. “What’s the value in [the Republicans’] waiting?”

Here’s what we do know: This week, Congress will begin work on another stimulus proposal, and a second stimulus check will be part of the discussion, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. What we don’t know — and what no one in Washington is talking about publicly — is if a new payment would be larger or smaller than the $1,200 cap from the first stimulus check.

There have been hints that it might be harder to qualify for an extra direct payment, and that there may be less money to go around overall. Some leaders in Washington, however – including President Donald Trump — have called for the stimulus check to be even bigger. How much money you could actually get will depend on the size of the total relief package and how Congress will portion out that money. 

Stay tuned! We will provide updates as they become available!