Tax Refund Myths and Realities – Did You Know? (1/2)

Taxpayers who are owed a 2022 tax refund naturally want to know how quickly that refund will come. Unfortunately, a lot of myths and half-truths about IRS refunds circulate online, giving people false expectations or leading them to waste time on unnecessary steps. Here are two key facts you need to know to avoid falling for the rumors.

– Calling the IRS will generally not yield more information about your refund. You can get the most up-to-date information about your refund status nearly around the clock by using the online Where’s My Refund tool (link below) or by calling the automated refund hotline at 800-829-1954.

– The Where’s My Refund Tool cannot always give a refund date. Some taxpayers may believe something is wrong if this tool does not display a mailing or deposit date for their refunds. Although the IRS issues many refunds within 21 days, some returns take longer to process. You will get a refund date once the IRS finishes reviewing your return.

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IRS Where’s My Refund tool: