Time is Running Out!!!!

You know what this means… Time is running out!

If you are a Business Owner and you requested an Extension on your 2020 Income Tax return that was due on 3/15/2021, the deadline to file your taxes is September 15th.

RTW Tax clients who are on extension: Please get your documents to us by 9/10 or we cannot guarantee the completion of your filing by the deadline.  RTW will be working the weekend of Sept. 10th,  to ensure that we complete as many extensions as possible for our clients.

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If you requested an extension on your Personal tax return or other returns, which would have been due on April 17th your deadline is October 15, 2021

For Personal or other returnswe ask that you submit all of your documents by 9/15/21 to ensure your return is completed by 10/15/21 deadline. All tax extensions will be completed in the order received. We will accept your information after this 9/15/2021. However, we can not guarantee the completion of your filing by the deadline.