VA, SSI Recipients: Register Dependents by 5/5 for Full Stimulus EIP

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Veterans and SSI Recipients: Register Dependents my May 5th to Receive Full Stimulus/ EIP

Recipients of Veterans Affairs (VA) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits will automatically receive an Economic Impact Payment (EIP) from the IRS, even if they are not required to file federal income tax returns. While the standard EIP amount for non-filers is $1,200, those with children under the age of 17 may be eligible to receive an additional $500 per qualifying child.

If you are a non-filer who receives VA and/or SSI benefits and have dependent children, you must act by May 5 in order to receive your full EIP amount quickly. You can provide the required information on your dependent children to the IRS by using a special form on the IRS website. In most cases, if you register your children by May 5, your additional payment amount will simply be added to your $1,200 basic EIP. If you have already received your $1,200 payment but still register your children by May 5, your additional payment will come soon after you register.

If you do not provide the IRS with information on your children by May 5, your additional stimulus payment may be substantially delayed. In many cases, those who do not register their children by the deadline will not receive their additional EIPs until they file a return for tax year 2020.

Online form to provide information on children to IRS:…/non-filers-enter-payment-info-here