For over 30 years, RTW Xxact has provided accounting, tax planning, and financial management services to clients in major industries including Financial Services and Banking, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Private Equity and Construction – and we serve countless others. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia & Cleveland, Ohio, RTW helps clients organize and utilize their financial data to make better financial decisions and mitigate risks.


Account & Bookkeeping Services
RTW XXact provides timely, efficient accounting and booking services for businesses of all sizes.
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Consulting & Advisory Services
In the process of reviewing and compiling your data, RTW performs inquiry and analysis to help you determine cost-effective policies that meet your operating needs. Our skills and techniques help you maintain the alignment and accuracy of your financial data.​
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Tax Preparation & Planning
RTW applies technical excellence when helping our clients create proactive tax strategies to reduce tax liability. RTW provides tax planning as well as tax preparation services. We are a Registered Tax Preparer and Filer with the Internal Revenue Service.
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Special Projects
RTW is a specialist when it comes to major infrastructure, acquisition, and organization projects.
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