Deadlines for Income Tax Extensions

State income tax due dates typically follow the federal deadline, but some exceptions exist. Residents of Virginia, for example, typically get until May 1 to file their state returns.

The rules for requesting a state tax extension can also vary. Some states, such as Illinois and Ohio, automatically extend the state tax return deadline to Oct. 16, 2023, if a person’s federal tax extension is approved. Some states might require taxpayers to apply online or submit an additional form. Check with your state’s taxes and revenue authority for the details.

The deadline schedule for the remainder of the year is as follows:

  • July 17: Deadline to claim 2019 tax refund. This is the last day to file a 2019 tax return to claim a refund. Per the IRS, there is an estimated $1.5 billion in unclaimed refunds from the 2019 tax year, with the average median refund being $893.
  • September 15: Most business tax extension deadline. Estimated tax payments on income earned during the third quarter of the year (June 1, 2023, through August 31, 2023) are due today.
  • October 16: Tax extension deadline. Filing for an extension by April 18 gives you until October 16 to finalize your returns. If you miss this deadline, your return is considered late by IRS and the penalties will begin to pile on.

SEP and Simple IRA, Solo 401(k) contribution deadline. Those who have established any of the self-employment retirement plans listed above and who timely filed for an extension in April have until Oct. 16 to make a final contribution to these plans for the 2022 tax year.

  • December 31: 401(k) contributions deadline. If you contribute to an employer-sponsored retirement plan like a traditional or Roth 401(k), December 31 is typically the last day to make a qualified contribution. For the 2023 tax year, the most you can contribute is $22,500 ($30,000 if you’re 50 or older).

Second RMD deadline. If you’re required to take RMDs, you must do so by December 31; this also applies to folks who took their initial RMD in April.

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If you requested an extension on your Personal tax return or other returns, which would have been due on April 17th your deadline is October 16, 2023. We ask that you submit all documents by 9/1/22 to ensure your return is completed by 10/14/22 deadline.

For Business Q3 Returns, we ask that you provide all information by 8/1/2022 to ensure your return is completed by the 9/15/23 deadline.