Educator Expense Deduction – Did You Know?

If you are an eligible educator, you may deduct up to $300 from trade or business expenses. Joint return filers who are both educators may deduct up to $300 per spouse.

You may qualify for this deduction if you work as a teacher, counselor, principal, or aide for grades K-12 in a public or private school. You generally must work at the school for at least 900 hours during the school year.

Eligible classroom expenses include:

– Books, supplies, and materials that you purchase for classroom use

– Classroom equipment, including computers, peripherals, and software

– Items such as hand sanitizer and masks purchased to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Tuition and fees for professional development courses may also qualify for the Educator Expense Deduction. However, you may get a larger tax benefit by claiming the Lifelong Learning Credit or a different deduction for these costs. Our tax professionals at RTW Xxact Enterprises can help you find the most advantageous way to report all your qualified expenses.