RTW Academy hosting 1st Annual Fatherhood Conference

RTW Academy Inc. in association with Passages in excited to present our 1st Annual FATHERHOOD CONFERENCE:

Moving Fathers Forward – Determined, Inspired, and Committed to Fatherhood at Grafton Correctional Institution.

“Because regardless as to where fathers are physically located, children need their fathers Determined, Inspired, And Committed to Fatherhood.”    – Dr. Brian Moore, founder and president of Passages

RTW Academy is a vessel strategically established on the basis of providing basic business acumen to small businesses, students, and ex-offenders in efforts to help them sustain, maintain, and grow in the business world. Our program ensures that small businesses will be complicit with all government regulations while providing turnkey solutions to ex-offenders looking to become productive citizens and future entrepreneurs.

Passages, established in 1998 and incorporated in 2004, has been serving Cleveland’s vulnerable families for nearly two decades. The program provides services to empower families to improve their lives and successfully achieve family resiliency and financial independence.

RTW Academy and Passages share the goal of helping parents break cycles of generational poverty, early parenting and incarceration for themselves and their children. We are established as programs dedicated to the overlooked needs of low-income parents, including non-custodial parents, and those incarcerated or amidst reentry.


  • Responsible Fatherhood
  • Parenting from Anywhere
  • Workforce Development
  • Entrepreneurship/Financial Literacy
  • Fatherhood and Children and Family Services
  • Navigating Child Support

Please support and join us this weekend! The conference activities include panel discussions about overcoming criminal justice involvement, multiple breakout sessions on topics going between entrepreneurship and getting participants’ financial house in order and concluding with participants having a picnic with their children. This time will include fun and games for the fathers and children while the parenting partner (mother of children) will have a workshop specifically designed for them and facilitated by women from the community.

Please visit RTW ACADEMY NONPROFIT SPOTLIGHT! for information on RTW Academy Inc., to support this program, and to Donate towards our continued efforts.