RTW Bookkeeping Clients, please remember to schedule your free one hour quarterly meeting.  These meetings are available for Non-Bookkeeping Clients also, but there is an hourly fee.  

Quarterly meetings are vital in assuring that you successfully meet and retain your business goals and yearly projections.  

RTW’s Quarterly Meetings are designed to provide the following:

  • A free 1 hour consultation at the end of each calendar Quarter
  • ensure that you and RTW are meeting the expectations of your working agreement.
  • assist you in organizing your bookkeeping and that your entries are current and accurate
  • access your current financial status … P&L, are you on track to meet your yearend projections
  • see what you are doing right and what you can do better
  • allows you the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments during the year

The second quarter ends on June 30th.   You may begin calling now to schedule your meetings, which will start after July 15th.   This allows you ample time to review the first 6 months of your bookkeeping records before we meet. 

To schedule your Quarterly Meeting, please call (855) 205-8486 or email at us info@rtwxxact.com

In between these meetings, we are also available to answer your questions and concerns.  Call us at (855) 205-8486 or email us at info@rtwxxact.com

Robbie Terry-Washington, CPA MBA

Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor
RTW Xxact Enterprises, LLC – MBE Certified