RTW’s New Email Address

RTW’s Email Address – Clients Please UPDATE Your Records!

Please send all email’s FOR Robbie Terry-Washington to the email address below!


If you have been trying to email Robbie Terry-Washington, Owner/CEO of RTW Xxact and your emails have been undeliverable, please be sure you are using the correct email address. 

Robbie has two email accounts. 

  •  rterrywashington@gmail.com  (ok to use IF your emails have not bounced back. If you continue to use this email, please verify that you typed @gmail.com and not @rtwxxact.com)
  •  Info@rtwxxact.com  (recommended – easiest to remember)

We have discovered that often people are accidentally combining the email addresses above and typing in rterrywashington@rtwxxact.com.   This email does not exist and as a result, mails are bouncing back as undeliverable.

To ensure that your emails are received and can be addressed in the most timely manner, we highly recommend using the Info@rtwxxact.com email address.

NEW FAX NUMBER: In the event, that you missed our previous update, our fax number has been changed to (678) 785-1623