QuickBooks Increasing Rates – How To Maintain The Best Rate!

QuickBooks Increasing Rates!
How To Maintain The Best Rates!

As a partner with Intuit, RTW has been able to provide up to a 50% discount on QuickBooks and other Intuit products.  RTW does not control pricing, but when there are changes, RTW has to notify each subscriber and adjust invoicing to reflect these changes.   

Current QuickBooks Subscribers Will Be Grandfathered
If you are a current subscriber under RTW.  You will retain the up to 50% discounted rate for the lifetime of your contract.  Please note that Intuit has periodic increases and the next $10/month increase will be effective 9/1/2021.  RTW’s discount will continue to apply to Intuit’s periodic increases.  You will be receiving your first invoice in August for the new rate starting on Sept. 1st through the end of your 6 months agreement with RTW.  If you currently have a 50% discount, the invoice will reflect a $5 increase.
QuickBooks Subscriptions Purchased Under RTW Before July 15th
If you are considering purchasing QuickBooks and would like to be able to receive up to 50% off the retail purchase for the lifetime of your contract, you must purchase your subscription under RTW before July 15, 2021.  After July 15th, RTW can only provide a lifetime (unless Intuit adjusts their pricing) 20% discount on any monthly subscription.
Subscriptions Purchased Directly Through Intuit After July 15th
Intuit will be offering NEW subscribers who wish to purchase directly from them a 30% discount for the first 12 months only, and thereafter, you must pay 100% of the full retail monthly price.  Please note, they will not allow you to transition your subscription back to RTW or any other QuickBooks Pro Advisor at the end of the 12 months.
While we have no choice but to pass these increases along, RTW is continuing to working with Intuit to see how we may revert these new increases.